And everyone here’s to blame, and everyone here
Gets caught up in the pleasure of the pain
Yeah, well everyone here hides
Shades of shame, yeah but looking inside we’re the same
We’re the same and we’re all grown now
Yeah, but we don’t know how
To get it back to good

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Thread Pullers

In the beginning, the Internet was for the inquisitive and playfully combative, those who wanted to immerse themselves in some topic and community and pore over the details.

Alanis Morrissette has described this personality type in more than one song. From All I Really Want: “All I need now is intellectual intercourse/A soul to dig the hole much deeper.” From You Learn: “I, recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone/I certainly do/I, recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time/Feel free.” The latter sounds weirdly dated now.

Joining You is particularly interesting, and the title’s words refer to joining a friend’s son, with whom she has always connected, in suicidal thinking:

I remember vividly a day years ago
We were camping
You knew more than you thought you should know
You said I don’t want ever to be brainwashed

And you were mind boggling, you were intense

You were uncomfortable in your own skin
You were thirsty
But mostly, you were beautiful

You and I, we’re like four year olds

We want to know why and how come about everything

We want to reveal ourselves at will, and speak our minds

And never talk small and be intuitive

And question mightily…We need to find like-minded companions

The next stanza feels increasingly relevant.

If we were their condemnations
If we were their projections

If we were our paranoias, I’d be joining you

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